Once Upon A time

Exciting news everyone! If you haven’t heard, one of my masks is going to be on the 4th episode of this season of Once Upon A Time. I have no idea who will be wearing the mask so we will all be waiting with antici…..pation. The air date is October 20th. I will be listing replicas of this mask on my ETSY https://www.etsy.com/shop/SilverCicadaDesigns

This mask will be featured on episode 4 (Bad Habits) of season 3 of Once Upon A Time
This mask will be featured on episode 4 (Bad Habits) of season 3 of Once Upon A Time

Deer’s ears are freaking huge.  I’m reworking my deer mask while I’m too doped up on off brand Benedryl to trust myself with painting or sculpting.  I’m trying to make him a little more realistic and try something new with the stuff on his antlers.  I want to eventually do a different version for each of the seasons but I’m not sure how far I want to to take the variations. On the low end I could do as little as changing colors on a set foliage design on the antlers.  On the crazy far end I could have different flora on each season.  Holly for winter, flowers for spring, oak for summer, wheat and maple leaves in all their colorful glory for fall.  I also am playing with different color variations on the deer if not different species for each one.  Something like Carabu or a white deer for winter, chital/pale for spring,   and red deer/a more warm base summer,white tail/darker, cooler browns for fall. (flipflopping on the last two)  I hope this still sounds like a good idea in the morning and isn’t just me yammering while slightly off from antihistamines.

Moving on up

Moving into a new house is taking more time and effort than I could ever imagine.  Painting and sanding and pulling up carpet is slowly driving me mad.  There is so much to do that I don’t have time to make anything creative.  I’ve got a very nice piece of leather that was a birthday present that is staring at me from the corner.  Its quite the motivation.

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